I have a dream. A dream of one day opening and running my own successful restaurant. I have had this dream since I first set foot in a restaurant as an employee at the age of 16. This was my very first job, and although I have had jobs in other industries, the restaurant industry is my passion.

Although I love my kids and being a mother, being a stay at home mother, has caused me to set aside my dreams and focus on just getting through the day. With a preschooler that goes to school 4 days out of the week and getting ready to start Kindergarten, a toddler who is entering the horrible three’s (way worse than terrible two’s), and a 3 month old who is starting to teeth, life has been pretty hectic. This doesn’t include the times I run errands, the time it takes to get all three kids ready and loaded into the car, cooking three meals a day, and poor attempts at cleaning the house. But I’ve recently decided that I’ve put off this dream long enough and have made myself a 5-year plan on building and opening my restaurant. In the year 2021, you will see my restaurant opening, I am confident.

Until that day happens, Step One of my 5-year plan is to improve my cooking. Culinary School has not been an option with no close-by schools to go to and I feel like going to an online school is just not efficient enough when it comes to cooking. I have never had any experience in the Back of House of a restaurant, and I feel like  being successful at running a restaurant is to have knowledge in both worlds. I call myself a fairly good cook, however I rely way too much on following recipes. To also have a successful restaurant, is to have food that differs from the competition, being unique,  but with the comfort everyone enjoys.  With research through tutorials and culinary books and insight through other recipes, I plan on teaching myself to use my instincts on making great recipes rather than following others.

This blog is here for other aspiring home cooks to also learn the ways of cuisine and culinary arts by making your own tastes and styles, rather than following step by step through recipes. I believe we can learn the world of cuisine together and all become confident home cooks! I will post different meals I make based on what I have learned through the research I’ve made. I hope that we can come together in making great recipes as Home Chefs in Training.


Happy Cooking!


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